Before you read this just know i am not a professional writer so excuse all my grammatical & Spelling errors lol …

James “Dooman” Franklin Jr is no Stranger To Hot 963.. His Dad  “Dj Jf The Legend” Was a Mixer here on Hot 963 for years which Turned to a Young Dooman Djing on our Airwaves during his time here … Well Last Night Dooman who is a Senior at Cathedral High School Faced something no parent would want their child to go through…. While at the free throw line a Student from Center Grove Fell to the ground in what appeared to be a “Seizure type action”  James also Said he heard students say during another time in the game  “he heard the crowd yell “have another seizure for us!” Which would be making fun of Dooman who Underwent Brain Surgery a couple summers ago to stop him from having seizures that were apart of his Epilepsy … If you Click The Following Links from  FOX59.Com & you will be able to see videos from the game and comments from James as well as his parents &  a statement from Center Grove…. Hopefully This situation will be reviewed by the school and the whole “it was a fish out of water” act isnt what people believe .. I say that because the kids had a picture of 1 of the players Mom’s which shows me personally someone studied up on who they were going to play that night… Shout out to BILL COLLINS & Dj JF For for bringing this to my attention early This morning on facebook by posting what took place ….



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