The Air Yeezy 2 is the collaborative shoe between rap superstar Kanye West and Nike. It’s arguably one of the most anticipated sneakers to be released this year. 

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If it gets released at all.

First I heard that it would release at the end of March, then an official date got released – April 13th would be the day that the pandemonium starts. 

Even though I do not favor the Wolf Grey/Platinum colorway as much as the Black/Solar Red colorway, I can still understand how crazy the release is going to be. 

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Guess what Nike does? They postpone the release yet again, until June, with no exact date.

What we now know is that Nike plans on releasing both colorways on the same day. 

If any of you have ever lined up for a limited release of a sneaker, you know that most times the store will not allow you to get more than one of the same shoe. We also know that most stores won’t get two colors of the same limited edition shoe and since there is no way for anyone to be in two lines at once, how does the legitimate sneaker collector get their hands on both Yeezy 2 colorways at the retail price? 

Simple…you don’t.

For a sneaker company that always expresses their disapproval when they realize that a shoe they made is being sold for an astronomical after-market price, it almost seems like Nike is promoting it with the double release of the Yeezy 2 on the same day.

After the madness and negative press that ensued because of the Galaxy Foamposites and The Air Jordan XI “Concord,” I would have expected Nike to at least try to have handled the next big release a little better.

There is no way that I would believe that Nike does not understand how epic the release of the Air Yeezy 2 is to the sneaker community, so why would they compress two releases of the shoe into the exact same day? 

Imagine if the same people who trampled and broke into stores for the Concords and Galaxy Foamposites want both colors of the Air Yeezy? 

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I’m not condoning violence, but what do you expect people who have incited riots over sneakers in the past, to do when they can only get one of the two sneakers that they came out to get.

It’s irresponsible on Nike’s part to not fully grasp that releasing both shoes could potentially be dangerous. I guess they figure that if it’s going to get hectic anyway, they may as well just do everything at one time. The only other rational explanation is that the Yeezy 2 will be such a GR (general release) that finding them won’t be hard at all and everyone can easily get a pair. 

I honestly hope that the explanation is more the latter, but we won’t know until June when the shoes actually drop. If they don’t get postponed yet again.

When they do get released, all I hope is that it makes the news for the right reasons. I love sneakers but there is no need for anyone to get hurt just because they want to be the next into a store to buy two colors of the same shoe.

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