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School started a couple of weeks ago here in the city and it’s been an interesting two weeks. Just in that short amount of time there have been 5 incidents where students have tried to bring a gun into school. Thankfully, all attempts have been stopped before anything major could happen and now, the question is, what’s next? How do we prevent these incidents from happening? How do we keep our kids and teachers safe?

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Those are exactly the types of questions local school districts are trying to find the solutions for. Ben Davis High School says after a student tried to bring an unloaded weapon into school in their backpack, that they have placed extra security, in parking lots and at entrances, from the time students arrive and also at the end of the school day.

One Ben Davis parent, Jordan Whitt, told RTV6:

You can’t even get in the school parking lot without checking in with the school resource officer. I think that’s a good step,” Whitt said. “I don’t think we need to have these drastic metal detectors in schools where kids feel like they are on lockdown; I don’t think that’s conducive to learning. I think the responsibility starts before the kids come up to school in the morning.

What do you think should be done to prevent more incidents like this? Should the parents be responsible? Leave comments below.

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