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Popeyes chicken sandwich

Source: Popeyes / Popeyes

Now listen! This here chicken sandwich battle has been off the chain and has lead to people doing some crazy things just for a sandwich. However, this right here, just might be the most clever marketing strategy we’ve seen thus far.

Popeye’s ever popular chicken sandwich disappeared from it’s menu last month due to an overwhelming demand, caused by it’s chicken beef with Chick Fil A. Well now the franchise is welcoming customers to BYOB: Bring your own bun to the party!

You can now enjoy a tasty chicken sandwich from Popeyes by bringing in your own bun and ordering their three piece chicken tenders. Yeah, you heard us right. They not only suggested it but are encouraging their customers to do this while they are working to hopefully bring the sandwich back.

Now we’ve heard some crazy things in our day but this…

Are you here for this solution or nah?

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