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Kanye West

Source: Charles Jenkins and Fellowship Chicago / Fellowship Chicago

The last place you would think to find Kanye West at is on the campus of an HBCU.

Over the weekend the ‘Sunday Service’ inspired decided to take his talents to Howard University. Or what people refer to the school as “The Mecca.”

But anyone that was there (or watched the videos online) would find it interesting to hear the word that he preached.

Did you see the guitarist’s face?

There were some other reactions as well.

It’s a thin line when it comes to music and politics. Where some believe an artist’s political views have nothing to do with their music, but when its comes to Kanye? Would you be able to attend his Sunday Service?

Here’s a better question, Did he provide any type of scholarships/funding for the school? Thats what I would have asked him!

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