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Ashmac At Cargo Streetwear

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had the pleasure of getting a personal tour of a very unique boutique. This is nothing of the norm or anything you would typically see in Indianapolis. Cargo is the first shipping container store. That does not mean you can purchase other shipping containers for your precious cargo. 

These young entrepreneurs turned a 40 foot storage unit into a high end shopping location that offers limited apparel when it comes to fashion, kicks, and accessories. 

Meet Alexander Wellington, better known in the city as AO. 

Where his “wishful thinkin” was more than just that. Not only did it turn into a brand, execution lead to more results, and a  new store. 

Mac: How did you turn a storage unit into an actual store/flag ship location? 

AO: we were tired of losing the spaces. We wanted to have stores, so this was the best way for us to own our next location and not get stuck in crazy leases or raises in rent prices.                                  

Mac: Is this your first location?

AO: Our first location was in fountain sq and also formally known as “Frozen Tears”. We changed the name to Cargo to brand better in our new location.       

Mac: What advice would you give young entrepreneurs?

AO: Become a problem solver, its the best way to build something that doesn’t already exist just keep in mind it can be hard to get people to believe in newer ideas. So just show and prove.   

Mac: What separates your store from anything in Indy? 

AO: Our store is built for the customer, the things in store are a mix of things you know and others you may not. We sell things like Supreme and Kith along side other brands you should get to know like Braindead or Cavempt. Our goal for the store is education.  The more we educate the more we can offer our customers, and selling hand picked pieces from the brands is our crash course.          

Mac: What does culture mean to you? What about Indianapolis culture? 

AO: Keeping our ear to the street and building the culture up around us will only help us last longer so that we can see more streetwear pop up around Indy. As a growing city we need options and that culture building will assist for the future of where we live.        

Mac: As the city grows, how do you see Cargo growing? 

AO: Franchising even possibly helping other open these kinds of stores

Mac: What keeps you inspired?

AO: At this point all the possibilities keeps me inspired. Seeing people grow around me keeps me inspired, it’s nothing like watching growth from peers to make you want to work harder.

Cargo is a boutique that serves as the flagship store for both, the Wishful Thinkin and Komafi, brands. Get local access to some of the biggest names In streetwear from Y-3 to SUPREME. AO works side by side with co-owner, CP. Cargo is located at 2328 Shelby St.  

Ashmac At Cargo Streetwear Boutique
Ashmac At Cargo Streetwear
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