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Allison Victoria

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As we gear up for our next cypher, get to know the artists involved.

Allison Victoria is a singer, songwriter, Emcee & self-taught musician from Indianapolis, IN. Her style ranges from soul, hip-hop, Rnb, folk, gospel, pop, jazz & much more. Her mission is to be a true voice for the people. While bringing a refreshing rawness to every performance, she hopes to inspire spread love and positivity one song and modulation at a time.

Mac: What would be your dream collaboration? 

Allison Victoria: Lauryn hill & Big Krit hands down.  

Mac: People always talk about who has motivated you, but was there a situation that was negative, that pushed you to go harder? 

Allison Victoria: Facing judgement from others held me back for years. I had physical injuries that almost slowed me down. I found that those things were all necessary to place me where I am today. My music is my story.

Mac: Has the music industry has evolved for R&B? and how? 

Allison Victoria: Yes, it’s become so simple, yet so complex… there’s so many different ways to do it. Whatever it is people just want it to be RAW and REAL. 

Mac: Does music have a race or certain ‘stereotype’? and does it matter?

Allison Victoria: Society definitely tries to place stereotypes over music. The reality is it shouldn’t matter. We are all humans that possess amazing abilities that transcend color and culture. That’s beautiful. You never know what to expect from anyone and you shouldn’t assume you do. 

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As we celebrate Black History Month, lets also celebrate the many contributions our ancestors have made to ALL genres of music.

Let’s see who else will be apart of the next cypher.


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