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Lorea Turner

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As we gear up for our next cypher, get to know the artists involved.

Lorea Turner is a 22 year old singer and songwriter. Hailing from the Northeast side of Indianapolis. She is a woman of many talents that also include playing the piano. She is currently working on her first project, and is under MBK Entertainment. With excitement for what the year brings, you get to know Lorea Turner a little more.

Mac: What would be your dream collaboration? 

Lorea Turner: I want to work with so many people, but I would love a song with Drake of course, and Ty Dolla Sign. I feel like Ty brings the heat every time he jumps on a song. If I could pull an OG out, I’d love to do a song with Brian McKnight. He’s been my favorite since the beginning of time.

Mac: People always talk about who has motivated you, but was there a situation that was negative, that pushed you to go harder? 

Lorea Turner: I been singing on social media for a really long time. Literally, since the Vine days. That’s how I made a name for myself online singing. There’s always going to be people who comment rude things. Once you really step in the industry, you’ll hear a lot of “no’s” and it doesn’t feel good when a label tells you that what you’re doing isn’t working, or won’t work. That made me go harder. The best thing you can do is simply continue to be authentically you & the right people who are suppose to help you on your journey will find you.

Mac: Has the music industry has evolved for R&B? and how? 

Lorea Turner: The industry has evolved for r&b for sure. Jhené Aiko, Kehlani, Summer Walker, and HER has paved the way for female r&b artists. A few years ago it was all about pop & rap. Now R&B IS pop. Everyone wants to jump on board.

Mac: Does music have a race or certain ‘stereotype’? and does it matter?

Lorea Turner: I believe music has a stereotype, only for some. Music is music. I personally listen to almost every genre. Girl what—I love me some Paramore & Carrie Underwood. I have my favorites, but I definitely don’t discriminate. I feel like that’s how you grow and become a better artist. You have to step out the box. There’s a lot to learn from different genres and artists. You have to be willing to take a chance and not just stick to your mainstream & what you hear on the radio. The best music is in these low-key, Indy artists.

Follow her at:

IG @loreaturner

As we celebrate Black History Month, lets also celebrate the many contributions our ancestors have made to ALL genres of music.

Let’s see what all these ladies bring to the table, for our UpNext Cypher: R&B Edition.

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