The three actors who stumbled around Las Vegas in a stupor in “The Hangover” will make millions if they return to the film franchise. reports that Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper, and “The Daily Show” alum Ed Helms are close to signing on for a sequel to the comedy about a bachelor party-gone-wrong.  For “Hangover 2,” each actor will reportedly make five-million-dollars against a percentage of first-dollar gross.  That’s a big pay raise for the stars who were known for TV work and supporting roles prior to the 2009 release of “Hangover.” reports that all three made less than, quote, “one-million dollars collectively” on the original, which has become the highest-grossing R rated comedy of all time.  The film also earned critical approval and a Golden Globe win in the Best Motion Picture Musical or Comedy category earlier this year.

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