Dear JJ,

I have been dating someone out of town for 2 years. at first everything was cool and i started noticing her changing. she asked me on the phone one night if she could go to a amusement park with this dude that lives there with her. i told her yeah and she went. i then asked her why she wanted to go with another guy she said cause it was something to do. i flew up there one weekend and i noticed all of my pictures were gone from her house and she fell asleep when we were going to be intimate. i she asked me to look for a phone number on her home phone and i noticed that there was a certain guy always calling right after we would talk. i told her to take me to the airport and did not tell her why. i told her that i thought she was seeing someone else and did not want to be bothered with her. i deleted her number but she calls me all the time telling me i was tripping. please ask your fans was i tripping or did i do the right thing. thanx

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