Pleasure P, formerly of R&B singing group Pretty Ricky, is not in the news for his album, or his new video or even his self-crowning as the “Bad Boy of R&B, instead his name is in the headlines for much more serious reasons.

As reported by, Pleasure P, real name Marcus Cooper, is being linked to a 2004 child molestation case in Florida. The details of the case are still forthcoming but he is alleged to have molested his niece and/or nephew. Yes, niece and nephew.

Paperwork believed to be “sealed” court documents, have surfaced detailing special limitations placed around Cooper and an unnamed child. Another party is named in the document, Joseph Smith, who is alleged to be the child’s care giver.

One alleged court document in particular reads that there shall be,

“No unsupervised contact between the child and Marcus Cooper, maternal uncle and Marcus Cooper shall not reside at home with the child placed with Joseph Smith.”

In a recent interview with HipHopWired, Pretty Rick spoke on Pleasure P’s departure from the group. When we asked them whether they still had a relationship with Pleasure P, Diamond Blue the president of “Bluestars Entertainment,” said:

“Not really. It ain’t so much whether or not we cool with him or not. He doing his thing, we doing our thing, we in two different lanes right now doing what we doing and it’s all music. This is the music industry, that doesn’t change who we are as people, it’s a business. He was signed to Blue Star Records which is our record company, we gave him the opportunity to have a solo career. We could’ve been a*sholes and said no and kept him on contract, but it’s all business at the end of the day.”

So as you can see, the remaining members of Pretty Ricky do not seem to be on speaking terms with P and if this is true, then maybe this is the reason why he was kicked out.

It should be duly noted, however, that the incident has yet to be confirmed, and we’re still waiting on an official statement from Pleasure P.

We can confirm this however, if he really did molest these children, he needs serious help and it’s pretty much safe to say that his career is over.

Source: Hiphopwired

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