With us being in a recession right now its kind of hard to imagine making over $100k a year.  Well now here’s your chance:)  According to yahoo.com, there are alot of jobs out there paying that plus more.  Starting out at a  miminum annual salary of $114k; check these jobs out..

#10. Insurance Broker
Median salary: $114,000
Top pay: $273,000

Big commissions can boost earnings for driven insurance agents.

#9. Attorney
Median salary: $115,000
Top pay: $262,000

Not all attorneys rake in the dough; plenty of prosecutors and public interest lawyers make meager salaries. But lawyers at corporate firms still frequently earn starting salaries that exceed six figures, even with well-publicized layoffs, falling rates, and controversy in the industry over the standard billable hour.

#8. Software Architect

Median salary: $117,000
Top pay: $166,000
There aren’t nearly enough top code masters to fill the openings that exist at nearly every major company around the world. That demand has driven paychecks for the best software architects sky-high.
#7. Finance Director

Median salary: $121,000
Top pay: $214,000
They also shoulder the hefty responsibility of managing financial risk.
#6. Actuary

Median salary: $129,000
Top pay: $257,000
A major error in an actuarial task like pricing a product or securing cash reserves could mean lights out for the entire firm.
#5. Sales Director

Median salary: $140,000
Top pay: $239,000

Sales is the lifeblood of any company, and that’s why it’s one of the highest-paid professions.
#4. Nurse Anesthetist

Median salary: $157,000
Top pay: $214,000
Nurse anesthetists get paid to never make a mistake.
#3. Psychiatrist

Median salary: $177,000
Top pay: $279,000

Psychiatrists typically charge a hefty hourly fee, and have little trouble collecting since most of their patients pay for the services out of pocket.
#2. Physician/Obstetrician/Gynecologist

Median salary: $222,000
Top pay: $338,000
OB/GYN salaries reflect the high malpractice insurance premiums they must pay, due to the riskiness of the job and the need to regularly perform surgery; high demand boosts compensation.
#1. Anesthesiologist

Median salary: $292,000
Top pay: $408,000
This pay reflects stress in a job that is literally about life and death.  The big salaries are also a payback for the 12-plus years of training required before an anesthesiologist can start practicing.

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