ATLANTA – According to a study completed in 2000, swingers have a lower rate of divorce. Swingers don’t consider their actions cheating but couples in traditional marriages do. Does their higher success rate mean the world’s current definition of marriage is outdated? Probably so.

In the new issue of Burgundy, a married men’s magazine, cheating is discovered as a good way to resolve marital issues. The current economy, sexual frustration and just daily pressures of the modern world leads to a potentially different way to ease the tension of the traditional format of marriage.

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“Cheating is an outlet some view as a way to increase the love they have in their marriage,” says J. Kevin Powell, publisher of Burgundy. “It may seem weird but there may be some truth to it.”

The bi-monthly publication also offers readers articles covering fashion, gift ideas, travel ideas, finances, relationship advice and other information specific to the needs of the busy married men. The magazine and its accompanying web site are an outlet for men to share their perspective of marriage and the pressures associated. It is a place to get and receive advice that will make marriage a better experience.

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