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 Not sure when this happened, but Jay-Z has talked to radio host Egypt about the allegations that he worships Satan, the lord and master of the dark underworld of evil. He took it straight to a preacher that made these claims.

 Jay: “He should be arrested, seriously. My position is not unlike anyone else who ascends to the top of their field. That comes with the game. But that’s crazy. That might be the craziest one I’ve had.”

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 “But do you go to church?”

 Jay: “Nah, I’m more spiritual than [having] organized religion. I have a personal relationship with God. …I believe in karma, I believe in cause and effect…but religion, I have my opinions about religion.

 Personally, I’ll never forget how Jay reacted to Bill Maher, a well-known atheist when he said something about Jesus. Seemed genuine to me.

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