The Game is enjoying his time in the studio with Pharrell.  In fact, Game has had so much fun working with him that he had the logo for Pharrell’s Star Trak label tattooed on on his arm.  The rapper tells, quote, “Pharrell’s gonna take my career to the next level, keep me ‘hood and cross me over at the same time by executive producing my album, so that’s how I show my loyalty.”  Game says he and Pharrell have developed a friendship and a “work bond” that he hopes will keep him paid for years to come.  He adds, quote, “That’s something that’s gonna put milk in my refrigerator and help me feed my kids, keep them in private school, and keep them doing what they do.”

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Pharrell’s Star Trak logo isn’t the only new piece of ink that Game is adding to his tattoo collection.  The “Hate It Or Love It” rapper says he plans on getting an “Evolution of Gaming” tattoo that will feature Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Playstation and Xbox 360 controllers.  The “tat” will also include a gun, which will symbolize the time he was shot while playing videogames.  Game’s “The R.E.D. Album” is slated to hit stores on February 16th.

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