Jaheim has been arrested on drug and speeding charges according to New Jersey authorities.

Jaheim, most noted for his hit singles ‘Could It Be’ and ‘I’ve Changed’ has been arrested in New Jersey after police stopped him for speeding. Once officer’s approached his vehicle, they were reportedly also almost knocked down by the smell of ‘Mary Jane.’

Jaheim, who’s real name is Jaheim Hoagland was stopped in Hillsborough, NJ for allegedly speeding over the posted 30 MPH. After police smelled marijuana and searched his vehicle, they found a marijuana bud under the seat along with cigar wrappers and rolling papers. Jaheim was soon whisked off to jail where he awaited to be released on bail.

In 2004, Jaheim was charged with possession of 50 grams or less of marijuana and possession of controlled dangerous substance in a motor vehicle also in New Jersey, but all charges were dropped after a judge ruled that police did not have probable cause to search his vehicle. In this case Jaheim maybe won’t be getting off so easily considering police smelled the Mary Jane before they found it!

Source: HipHopRX.com

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