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So So Def CEO Jermaine Dupri has responded to critics who claim that he is not supporting incarcerated rapper Da Brat.

Da Brat became involved in an altercation with an aspiring model/Atlanta Falcons cheerleader named Shayla Stevens, who was working as a waitress at a night club Dupri owned outside of Atlanta.

In the ensuing altercation, Da Brat struck Stevens with a bottle of rum, causing multiple lacerations on her face which required stitches and left scars.

Da Brat, born Shawntae Harris, was sentenced to three years in prison in 2008 for her role in the assault.

According to Dupri, he is in regular contact with Da Brat, who is serving her time at Arrendale Federal Prison in Alto Georgia.

“I spoke to her via letters back and forth and she’s good. She’s ready to come home and do what she gotta do,” Jermaine Dupri told V-103’s Ryan Cameron this morning. “We are basically on the move to try and get her out.”

While he has corresponded with Da Brat via letters, he admitted that he hasn’t been to physically see her at Arrendale.

“Those people, they don’t really know me like that to say nothing about what I’m doing with my personal situation with Da Brat When Brat come home, I am going to be the person that take care of her and make sure she gets back on her feet and do what she gotta,” Dupri added. “That’s just like everybody talking about Tiger Woods. We know nothing about the situation and everybody should shut up.”

Dupri admitted that he hasn’t been to see Da Brat since her incarceration. He told Da Brat his reasoning in several of the letters he has written to her.

“I felt a certain way about seeing Brat in jail. That’s my little sister and I don’t really want to deal with that situation like that,” Dupri continued. “I would prefer dealing with getting her out and seeing that day as opposed to going to see her…only reason I am saying this on the air is because I explained this to Brat. In my letter, I let her know the same thing.”

Da Brat has remained productive throughout her incarceration.

Both Dupri and Da Brat are the subjects of a multimillion-dollar civil lawsuit filed by Stevens.

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