I know it’s only April, but Mariah Carey is planning ahead getting ready for the holiday spirit.  She was caught filming the packaging of her new Christmas CD due out later this year.

Famed photographer David LaChapelle spoke with U.K. Newspaper, The Times about the shoot.  He photographed Carey for her 1999 album Rainbowand directed her “Loverboy” music video.  The seasonal visuals called for a graffitied city backdrop, fake snow, a “hideous” silver tree, and wooden cutout reindeers. “Mariah wanted real ones,” said LaChapelle. “Flown from Nebraska. Can you imagine, real reindeer?”

It’s been a rumor that Mariah is back in the studio with JD working on a new project.  Mariah’s 1994 Christmas album sold over $12m copies world wide.  Good luck with this one Mariah :)

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