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10 Signs of a Cheating Man

1. Looks

Your husband/boyfriend is suddenly over-aware about how his hair is set or if his socks smell good. This is definitely a sign to worry about especially if he was a major slob earlier.

2. Overtime

Is your husband/boyfriend staying late at work more often than not? Does he have unexplained meetings or sudden business trips too often? Watch out for these telling signs. If he’s really working late then his salary stub should show it.

3. Car cleanliness

He wants that junk of a car extra clean all the time! Now he doesn’t want your comb in the glove compartment and toys in the back seat. What happened? Does he want to do away with indications of a family?

4. Hair evidence

You’re folding his shirts but happen upon a long blonde hair. Now that’s perfectly fine except if you’re a brunette and you have a brown haired son! Too many blonde hairs can spell trouble.

5. Shirtless

He doesn’t want to take his shirt off. Is he hiding an unexplained bruise? He wants to shower with the bathroom door locked on the inside. These are troubling signs of a cheating husband/boyfriend.

6. Stomach upset

You’ve cooked a wonderful meal but he is suddenly full or not hungry. His favorite dishes are left on the table three weekends in a row. Where is he eating his meals?

7. Perfume evidence

You don’t like floral perfumes, but what’s it doing on your husband’s/boyfriend’s laundry? That smell is becoming more and more familiar to you and it’s not yours!

8. Lies

Cover up. You can see it a mile away. You’re used to spotting a lie when your son is the guilty one, but now your husband/boyfriend isn’t being truthful. He doesn’t look you in the eye anymore.

9. Emails

He’s at the computer almost all the time. He has new email accounts and you don’t have the password. He closes down chat windows when you walk into the room. Is he hiding his communication to someone?

10. Bank accounts

Unexplained payments at jewelry stores and gift shops when you haven’t received a gift from him in months. Who is he buying these gifts for anyway? Hmm…

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