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A police officer in Dallas, Texas  was arrested Wednesday (April 28) after being caught smoking marijuana on duty in his police vehicle.

Police state that ex-officer Wesley Lamb was apprehended on duty after a special internal affairs officer observed the officer smoking pot during an undercover sting investigation.

The investigation, which was the result of a tip from an unidentified person who reported witnessing Lamb smoke marijuana in uniform, in his patrol car, while on duty, led to an undercover officer posing as a citizen who wanted to turn in 86 grams of marijuana that he found to police.

According to officials, instead of the ex-officer turning in the drugs and filing a report, Lamb kept the drugs and used them. Investigators used the lack of evidence to execute a search warrant and followed Lamb to his home, where the police state they recovered the drugs that he attempted to move to his personal vehicle.

The Forth Worth Chief of Police released a statement regarding the charges and termination of Lamb stating:

“I’m ashamed and this [type of behavior] will not be tolerated.”

Halstead also said he’ll reorganize the department to increase field supervision of officers.

“I plan to re-organize this department from the ground up,” he continued.  “We are here to protect and serve and if you are not on board then you will go to jail.”

At press time Lamb was released on a $7,500 bond.

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