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Well I didn’t see this one coming. But we should have since Oprah announced her ish was ending. And we all know Tyra likes to follow suit.

Tyra Banks has just announced that she is pulling the plug on “The Tyra Show” after five seasons. Next spring will be her last season. Sigh. How ever will we find out EVERYTHING that’s EVER happened in Tyra’s life from now on? She voluntarily tells “OMG me too!”…constantly…while her guests are pouring out their heart about their problems. Who will interrupt their guests to dish on their own lives for us now??

But honestly, it’s kind of a shocker since her ratings reportedly weren’t horrible and it’s not many black talking heads on daytime network tv as is. Oh wells. Reportedly she will now focus on her production company and tv and movies. Or maybe she’s about to go sit down and have some babies with John. Regardless, Wendy Williams is somewhere salivating right now…

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