Listen Live Graphics (Indy) reports There were several citations and at least one fight over tickets to the New York Jets-Indianapolis Colts game Sunday at Lucas Oil Stadium.

The Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department spent the afternoon looking for people selling tickets on Downtown streets without a peddlers’ license. Reports show that eleven citations were handed out to street scalpers who did not produce a license when police asked them

One scalper said he got a bloody nose from three men who assaulted him. A police report said the man was scalping tickets before the game in the 200 block of South Illinois Street when one man grabbed him by the jacket and a second head-butted him in the face.

Police wrote in the report that the scalper said he had not sold the tickets to the men who assaulted him, and officers found that those men had not only purchased counterfeit tickets from a seller on eBay, but they had traded those tickets with another person on the street and the second group of tickets also were counterfeit.

The scalper also was found to be carrying a ticket that had already been scanned to enter the game and was no longer valid; that scalper said he had bought the ticket on the street and did not realize it was no good.

In a separate incident, a football fan who brought three tickets for the game on the street in the 200 block of South Meridian Street went the stadium, tried to get inside and learned that the tickets were counterfeit. With the Colts’ winning record this season, police have been handling numerous cases of counterfeit tickets.

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