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Browsing through the web I came across this story about losers in 2009. has comprised this list of losers below.  See if one your winners was really a loser in 2009.

10 – Kanye West: It’s hard NOT to call him a loser with all that Taylor Swift mess. But besides that, he didn’t have a bad year. He’s been on tons of hits, and he’s got one of the BADDEST CHICKS out right now.

9 – Tyra – Her ANTM show is getting record LOW ratings, and her talk show just got CANCELED. Five years ago we were calling her the next OPRAH, now she’s looking like the next ARSENIO!!

8 – Rihanna: After getting beat by Chris Brown, the whole world rallied around her. But when she went on TV and tried to make it seem in interviews that she ain’t do nothing wrong, she really rubbed a lot of her fans the wrong way. Ever sine then her career, and album sales, have taken a downward slide.

7 – 50 Cent: Oh how far he’s fallen. Just a few years ago, he was the BIGGEST THING in hip hop. But he ain’t dropped a hit song since 2007, and dude’s musical sound is as old and lame as that dude rag underneath a fitted. But hey, he still has that Vitamin Water money.

6 – Lauren London – She used to have a promising career as an actress. Now she’s just one of Weezy’s many baby’s mothers.

5 – Ciara: The poor girl practically DISAPPEARED in 2009. You knew it was bad for her when she started hanging out with LaLa and Kim Kardashian to try and get some press.

4 – Mashonda/Siovaughn Wade – Both women lost their celebrity husbands in 2009 to HIGH PROFILE ladies. Mashonda lost Swizzy to Alicia Keys and Siovaughn Wade lost NBAs Dwayne Wade to actress Gabrielle Union. My heart goes out to those two ladies – THEY AIN’T STAND A CHANCE!!!

3 – Plaxico Burress – The dude was one of the highest paid NFL players. Then his dumb azz brought a gun into the club and shot himself. He’s since filed for PERSONAL bankruptcy and has 2 more years in jail before he’s eligible for release.

2 – Nas – This idiot is paying his ex-wife Kelis more money in support than Diddy and 50 Cent COMBINED – and we know e ain’t got THAT KIND OF BREAD!!! The sad thing is that dude is probably so HIGH all the time, he doesn’t even realize that he’s getting BAMBOOZLED!!!

1 – Chris Brown. Chris Brown whooped Rihanna’s tail . . it still feels funny even typing that. There ain’t no way to come back from that – SORRY BREEZY.