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What has this world come to? Home made bombs are found in Times Square, Soulja Boy isn’t a one-hit wonder, and Gloria Velez is battling Nicki Minaj?Stop the presses, Gloria Velez was once a heavily sought after video vixen who’s breast matched her plump rear-end. She lives in the fantasies of men and is a woman’s guide on how to be beautiful and drop it like it’s hot. But rap Gloria, is not your strong point! Here she is going in on Nicki’s butt shots and wack ryhmes.

Click here, to download the “Roger That Nicki Diss”

“Come on Nicki is you l*cking or what- how many silicone shots are you gonna stick in ya butt?”

I don’t know who wrote this, but hot one-liners on a terrible rapper do not mix! What do you think?

Gloria Velez Calls Nicki Minaj A Gimmick

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