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Do you get a good night’s sleep? Many people think that tossing and turning will only hurt your neck and back and make you irritable the next day. A new study conducted by Dutch researchers has found that not sleeping enough hours each night can impact the production of insulin in the body.

The study was conducted by having the researchers look at the results and health of nine study participants. They were examined twice, once after having eight hours of sleep and once after having four hours of sleep. The participants who had less than six hours of sleep were four and a half times more likely to develop issues with insulin production and would most likely have sugar readings in a time span of approximately six years that are abnormal. The study also found that not having enough hours of sleep at night can reduce insulin sensitivity by between nineteen and twenty five percent.

This study is important because over one hundred and eighty million people in the world now suffer from some form of diabetes. Every day more people are being diagnosed with the disease because of lack of exercise, poor nutrition, and obesity. In order to help reduce the number of new cases of Type 2 and other types of diabetes, people should get at least seven hours of sleep every night. This helps the insulin sensitivity stay balanced so that sugar readings stay normal so that the risk of diabetes developing decreases.