A Few Fun Things to Do at Home this Winter

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A Few Fun Things to do at Home During the Winter

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Look through Your Old Pictures

I know this is narcissistic, but no matter what they say, we all know every one enjoys it. Starting with your baby pictures, you can work your way up to the pictures from your elementary school, the pictures of your first crush in middle school, right to the embarrassing prom dress and to the days of the college partying…

You will be surprised at how much time this might take and how actually fun this experience is, especially if you listen to the right music while doing it – I am talking about the music of your past, of course .

 Host a Cocktail Party

If you are 21 and you do not have a drinking problem, you might have a blast hosting a cocktail party!

With these recipes for the Most Popupar Cocktails you will easily make the most delicious drinks for you and your friends!

What I personally like about cocktails is the taste of the drink. Take it slow and you will enjoy it too!

Oh, and don’t forget to eat something before you start your cocktail degustation. The more substantial meal it is, the better you will be holding your liquor.

And the last but not least, the more various cocktails you have, the more aspirin you will need in the morning, Ladies… But you probably know that. Do drink responsibly, though!

 Host a Makeup Party

All you need is to call your girlfriends and ask them to take their makeup bags with them! Once everyone arrives, you can share the kits you usually use with your girlfriends and try out theirs to see how other colors and hues work on you!

You can have a little makeup contest too, creating various looks in 10 minutes – from Natural to Smoky Eye and you’ll see who does what better.

Sharing is always great – maybe you will show something new to your Ladies or vice versa, you will pick up a trick or two from them…

BTW, snacks are a must for this kind of party! But that goes without saying, right?

Improve Your Dancing Skills

Either by yourself or with your girlfriends you are likely to have a lot of fun, when learning the new fabulous moves for the night clubs. You can even put on some hot and sparkly clothes, just to create the night club mood!

There are plenty of DVDs to choose from, but my personal favorites are the DVDs called Girls’ Night Out and Sexy Moves.

I always thought that I was a pretty good dancer, but that was before I came across these lessons. And I must say, thank to those DVD classes, my club dancing moves got a major makeover! Now I finally rock! Seriously. No bragging.

The moves the professional dancers will be showing are easy and fun to learn and they look so sexy when you dance in a club! I am sure you’ll get a chance to practice them at all those parties you are so likely to attend this winter!


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