Hip hop clothing continues to inspire new trends in the fashion world. Once though of as a passing fad like the rap music that inspired it, the growth and expansion of urban wear continues to marvel skeptics across the globe. In fact, many skeptics who once criticized it have now joined the trend by not only marketing but manufacturing it as well.

With the recession hitting many brick and mortar retailers as well as online marketers the saving grace that has helped many survive has been the latest hip hop fashion items they stock. “This is a market that sees no end in sight,” says Saul Levine, a marketing consultant located in the hip hop clothing capital Brooklyn, New York. This trend has grown far beyond what anyone had envisioned. Think about it, this is a fashion trend invented by chance, by necessity or both by youngsters in the Brooklyn and Bronx ghettos. Now it has quickly grown to engulf, influence and dominate every fashion trend it’s come up against for the past 10 years.

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Now every major fashion house claws to get or maintain market share for their urban wear line. Think about it, where else does a product have hundreds of individuals endorsers (rappers) who indirectly market your products every time they appear before millions. In turn these million of rabid fans not only hang on their every word or rap lyric, they analyze, memorize and examine every stitch of clothing they wear from head to toe. Is it any wonder why or how this market has grown so fast and continues to grow.

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