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January 09, 2010. Some things just sound too INCREDIBLE to believe. But just heard from a VERY CREDIBLE SOURCE that actor Malcolm Jamal Warner is involved in a love triangle – with actress Regina King (who played Brenda in 227) and actress Karen Malina White (who played Charmaine on the Cosby Show).

Here’s what happened. Malcolm and Charmaine have been in a long term relationship for almost a decade. In the past few months, according to one of’s snitches, Malcolm started acting real distant and strange.

Well the couple decided to take a quick “breather” to re-evaluate their relationship. But now, all of a sudden Malcolm is showing up at Los Angeles events ARM-IN-ARM with Brenda.

Malcolm has since OFFICIALLY ended things with Charmaine.

Now ain’t that some mess, Charmaine is now 43 years old, childless and manless . . . this dude took 10 years of that lady’s life . . . . SMDH

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