CAUGHT: Fantasia & Her Married Boyfriend Hit The Beaches Of Barbados!

Our sources were right:

Fantasia and her married boo Antwaun Cook hit the beaches of Barbados this weekend.  Mr. Cook accompanied Fanny on her trip to the islands as she headlines the Barbados Music Festival.

Why is this interesting?  Because just when YBF broke this exclusive that Fantasia met the T-Mobile salesman in North Carolina and started dating him very soon after–despite him having a wife and 3 kids–she called us liars and denied it all.  Even went as far as to say she didn’t even know this man.  Interesting.  I know I don’t travel with “strangers” or make such a serious effort to cover up the tatt of their name on my left shoulder.  Do y’all?  Just asking…

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More pics of Fannypack and Antwaun when you read the rest…


I mean, you ain’t gotta lie to kick it Fanny.  If you like it…we love it.

Fun times in Barbados.  Wonder what her next “statement” is gonna be…


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