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I’m sure, just like you when you turn on the TV to hear that another soldier has died it breaks your heart.  Maybe it has an affect more on those who have family and friends in the armed forces cause they will always worry about them and how they are making it during this war.  I can’t help but think of some of the soldiers that really didn’t want to join the Armed Forces but did it out of tradition or lack of desire for college.  Don’t get me wrong. I am sure that there are many people serving who like the idea of serving their country.  I just wonder if they knew ahead of time the politics of the world and what the future climate would have been would they have still done it.  I went on an online dating service (I swear for only 3 weeks!) and I talked to a man who is fighting in the Army on his 3 trip.  He was miserable.  He hated seeing sand everyday and the same people everyday.  Talking online was his way to leave his current world and get a taste of home.  I guess the point that I am trying to make is when you hear “Johnny who died in a sudden car bomb accident at 26 loved his country and served it well..” maybe this is true but did he die happy?  Did he holding the hands of his daughter or son…did he die knowing that his family was going to be taken care of? Did he die with the opportunity to kiss his wife just one last time.  I do honor these brave men and women who TRULY sacrifice EVERYTHING for this nation.  Something to think about this weekend.

I found this poem too about fallen soldiers…

Dear My Fallen Soldier

About how a soldier’s loved one feels about him and his death…

Dear my fallen soldier

I hoped you would come home

But when the men came up to my door

I knew I’d be alone

We were expecting him home today

But home he did not come

She would never see him again

She lost the battle she wished she won

She would never hug him again

She cries every night

The sorrow that came over her

She’ll never be alright

She wishes she could have said goodbye

To the one she’ll always love

She wants to remember him

As the hero he once was

Dear my fallen soldier

I know that you are gone

But I know you’re watching over me

So I will remain strong

She asks God why it had to be him

She wishes he would hold her

But she will always remember him

Her brave, fallen soldier

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