50 Cent is weighing in on one of hip-hop’s rising stars.  During a recent conversation with Rap-Up.com, Fif stated that he likes Canadian emcee Drake, but feels he’s allowed a little more creative freedom because of his image.  Fifty explains, quote, “He has momentum with his music, but the things he’s able to do are things that I’m not permitted to do ’cause of the perception of me.”  Fifty Cent points to Drake’s latest single, “Find Your Love,” as evidence that “Drizzy” is allowed to get away with exploring a more R&B-inspired sound.  Fifty adds, quote, “I won’t be permitted to do that because they expect me to kill someone on the song.”

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Despite his perceived inequalities, 50 Cent says he would have no problem doing a track with Drake.  He remarks, quote, “Yeah, why not?  He’s talented.”  Fifty Cent’s fifth studio album, “Black Magic,” is expected later this year, while Drake’s debut release, “Thank Me Later,” drops June 15th.

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