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Singer-producer-songwriter The Dream has opened up about possibly retiring, living in the spotlight and married life with Christina Milian, in the latest digital release of Honey Magazine.

Check out some of what he had to say…



The Dream on Relationships

I’m definitely way more mature in this relationship. I’m probably just mature overall because my grandfather raised me. I probably should be more nonchalant. I’m in a place where everything is serious no matter what it is and she with me like, “This guy’s crazy.” Of course I make sense at the end of the day because I’ll explain [myself]. As far as money — you got to be careful how you’re spending. Are you thinking about 10 years from now? It’s certain things that become meaningful in a relationship that’s not that real when you’re just boyfriend and girlfriend. The things I think about are a little bit different and those are things she’s learning from me and what I have to do is be more patient.

Everybody has to make a sacrifice for family. Even if you’re a child and don’t understand, you’ll understand later. Donald Trump’s daughter didn’t just come up without any sacrifices from her father. You can’t build things when you want to build them, you have to build them when you have the opportunity.

The Dream on his Retirement

I’m still going to do it [retire]. You know why? At first, I was like “Okay, maybe I’ll do another one.” You know what I hate dealing with, though? When you got something you love, make sure that you let people know that you love it or you let the haters win. You know there’s so much negative tension brewing in music, especially my music, and that always happens when you get to a certain place. It’s the same negative attention that I get most of the time and then in the dark, everybody loves me.

The Dream on Fame and Retirement

No, the interviews and stuff are great. I don’t get off in that type of way. This is about the message of the music. This is not about me. I wasn’t the guy like, “I can’t wait to be an artist. I can’t wait to do a hundred sit-ups a day and get on TV.” That’s not me. Me and L.A. [Reid] just had this conversation the other day. If we wanted pretty guys to be on our label, that’s what we’d do. That’s not what Def Jam is. That’s not what real art is about. It’s about the art. I’m doing my interviews and I’m taking my pictures. It’s not about looking good. Of course, I don’t want you to take the worst picture of me with my ass out. On some realness, it’s really about the music. I’m there to promote the music not to promote myself. It’s about the records: “Fancy,” “Sweat It Out,” “Rocking That” and records on my album like “Right Side of The Brain,” which you’ve probably never heard. It’s not about the singles. When I do a video, it’s about the vision of the song. If it’s about that then I can put a video camera in front and show how we really roll out down here — when there’s a whole group of us and it’s super sexy. Another artist in my lane wish they [sic] had the mind to do some of the things on the thoughtful level that I could do…This is as of right now [my final album]. Regardless of what I said and what you might hear on my album that’s coming out, this is my last. I don’t feel the love right now.


Read more about the story on Honey Magazine’s site.

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