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President Obama may have appeared in a music video as a young rapper, according to a rumour sweeping the internet.

A smiling young man who bears a striking resemblance to the then future president appears briefly in the 1993 video for Whoomp (There It Is).

The promo for the release, by hip hop outfit Tag Team, is on YouTube and the Obama lookalike appears just after 1.00 minute.

Suggestions that the future leader of the free world, a hip hop fan, had found time in his pre-presidential days to join a video shoot swept the internet.

Further weight was given to the unlikely suggestion when it was noticed that the man in the video plays dominoes with his left hand. President Obama is left handed.

However, sadly for conspiracy theorists, Mr Obama was already 31 and heavily involved in political and community activism in Chicago when the video was made.

Members of Tag Team told the Gawker website that the president’s doppelganger was a Los Angeles rapper called LA Sno.


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