Back in October 28th of 1990 something happened in Indianapolis that had not happened in a very long time. Out of the mind and creative forces of a man by the name of Bill Shirk came a new radio station that would wake up the city that sleeps. The voice on the radio came blasting through, “High a top the Bank One Tower downtown Indianapolis, your listening to WHHH Indianapolis Hoosier Hot 96 DOT 3!”

My first question was “Who in their right mind would call a station Hoosier?” My second question was “What’s up with the DOT?” I was pretty sceptical of this new radio station. The reason being is that it was not the polished radio station that anyone would expect to hear in a medium sized radio market.

Listen Live Graphics (Indy)

None the less, WHHH blew the city away! A former “Hoosier” employee use to say it was the “Little station the could”. It did, and it’s still doing. Over the last 18 years the station continues to grow and evolve. It’s now owned by Radio One and dropped the “Hoosier” alsmot ten years ago. The station is know known as “HOT 963 Interactive Hip-Hop & RnB”

Recently I had a chance to sit down with former HOT 963 personality Kyle Street to talk to him about WHHH past and present. The audio interview is below.

 Happy Birthday HOT 963… and many more!