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Produced by Kanye West this Classic material was sampled from the Jackson 5. Do you know what song Kanye Sampled?

Mr. Smith landed another platinum album and a hit single with Boys II Men with Hey lover in 1995. What MJ song was sampled to make this a reality?

Ghostface solo debut was huge due to a song with Mary J Blige titled “All That I got Is You”? What Jackson 5 song was used here?

Nas first album Illmatic was fastly considered a classic in the world of Hip Hop. What Popular Michael Jackson song was sampled to create “It Ain’t Hard To Tell”?

Naughty By Nature had there very first hit song “OPP” using what famous Jackson 5 Song as a sample?

This is just some of the popular songs that the King of Pop gave a helping hand to! There are plenty others, some of them bricks! Either way you look at it MJ was the inspiration of some of the biggest songs in hip-hop history! Rest In Peace MJ!

Oh and your answers are below

Jackson 5 – I Want You Back

Michael Jackson – Lady In My Life

Jackson 5 – Maybe Tomorrow

Michael Jackson – Human Nature

Jackson 5 – A,B,C

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