I post this one for Michael Tressmer. He is a fan on our FB page and he shot me some real talk…Here is what he posted on the site.

“Hows it possible you guys call yourself a hip hop station and the # 1 Artist in the country right now on Billboard selling 753,000 albums in his first week you guys arent even playing his songs. it makes no sense. Please make room for more than 10 songs at a time on your playlist each day. “

Now truth be told I cant do anything about the Playlist, I’m not the PD or the MD, However I can do something on the web and that’s at least give Eminem a little shine through my post. Eminem is a hip-hop artist, he raps, his CD’s are in the rap/hip-hop section so it logically makes no sense why we are not playing ANY of his music. Sorry. Eminem is actually one of my personal favorites also and to confirm Michael’s point he reached Gold and Platinum status before Drake who we do play very often on our station!

Lead Single Off The NEW Eminem CD Recovery – Not Afraid

Personal Favorite off the Recovery Album – On Fire

Eminem feat. Lil Wayne – No Love “EMINEM KILLED THIS!!!”

So to all my people who want radio to change…complain..voice your opinion. You control the airwaves! You decide what we play on the station and what we put on this website. So if this post doesn’t do numbers….I’ll be looked at crazy and told to take stuff like this down. You want to hear the music YOU LIKE….Push it! Buy CD’s call and request, do whatever you got to do to let your voice be heard and put what you like in Popular demand.

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