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Believe it or not, there’ll be a lot crunching and dipping of veggies during Sunday’s Saints-Colts Super Bowl showdown – that’s if millions of hungry fans decide to snack on the foods that have been popular for the past three football championships.

Vegetables are the No. 1 food eaten in homes during the last three Super Bowls, according to the NPD Group market research firm that tracks Americans’ eating habits.

“It always amazes me that we think everybody is eating pizza and drinking beer on this day,” NPD Group vice president Harry Balzer said in a statement.

“While there will certainly be increases in pizza and beer consumption by those that watch the big game this coming Sunday, the fact is: most Americans will not watch football on Sunday, but all of us will eat and drink. On Sunday, there will be more glasses of milk consumed in our homes during the Super Bowl telecast than any other beverage except soft drinks.”

Pizza came in as No. 9 on the most widely consumed food list and “total salty snacks” was No. 4.

A lot of fans must be washing down all the munchies with non-alcoholic drinks. Just underneath carbonated soft drinks (No. 3) was milk (No. 8) and tea came in at No. 10. Party hosts thinking about buying cases of beer, may want to consider adding sugar, lemon and Earl Grey to their shopping list. 

No doubt in the form of chips, potatoes came in as the No. 2 most widely eaten food.

Both salads (No. 6 on the list) and sandwiches (No. 5) are more popular than poultry, according to the report. Chicken – which would include tasty Buffalo wings – was only ranked No. 7.

The top 10 list of Super Bowl Sunday foods from NPD Group:

1. Vegetables


2. Potatoes 


3. Carbonated Soft Drinks


4. Total Salty Snacks


5. Sandwiches


6. Salads


7. Chicken


8. Milk


9. Pizza


10. Tea

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