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Before we take a look inside the daily life of ghetto people, let me say this…

I don’t condone any of the activity taking place in this video, but it is


My statement isn’t based on the fight itself as much as the amount of RANDOM SH*T that took place during the ten minutes.

  • It takes place in a Burger King parking lot in Oakland, CA on the day on “the verdict”
  • A group of pregnant girls brawling
  • Pink leggings with white flip flops & a red bra “…and I’m Still Sexy”
  • A Pitbull “Hey, That’s a nice pitbull.”
  • A baby’s highchair getting thrown
  • A guy punching a pregnant hoodrat (NOT COOL AT ALL)
  • A old lady whooping the same pregnant hoodrat for being disrespectful
  • A police motorcycle being knocked over

and none of this had anything to do with the verdict in the Oscar Grant shooting.

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