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Yesterday me and my girls decided to hang out and focus on our friendship for Valentine’s Day instead of the fact that we are all single.  We went to the movies to see Valentine’s Day with Jamie Foxx, Ashton Kutcher and damn near every other beautiful actor and actress in Hollywood.  I really enjoyed the movie despite the foul reviews.  I am sure that the folks in the theater were ready for us to leave since we were a tid-bit loud.  I mean C’mon…6 females together watching Mc Dreamy and McSteamy on the big screen…what did you expect?!

  After the movie we all went back to my friends how where we participate in a “Toy” Party.  OH MY!  It was so hilarious!  There was about 15 ladies oooohing and ahhhhing over everything.  Between all of us, we probably bought everything the lady had to sell!  Afterwards, we drank and talked about…”STUFF”! 

Well, today is Valentine’s Day.  I am not sad one bit about being single today.  I decided that I would learn how to love me this year.  I know people who love themselves ALOT!  I don’t think they are arrogant or cocky…I think they are simply “in love” with themselves.  I don’t see anything wrong with that.

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