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So you’ve noticed that the man in your life starts to act strange when you talk about your family, friends or co-workers. Making plans with others and not including him usually seems to end  in a fight about your priorities or about you not having enough time for him. You catch him going red every time you get a call from a friend whether male or female. You are at your wits end and you have no idea how to deal with this.  Could he be dealing with a bit of jealousy from inside?  It’s possible since most people won’t come out and say “I’m jealous!”!  Here are 13 secret signs that indicate that he is indeed jealous….

12. He gets angry easily

Everything you do seems to make him angry. And most of the times, you don’t think you’ve done anything wrong. It could be the simplest of things from spending a night partying with the girls or staying late at work. He doesn’t give you a chance to explain or even talk for that matter and usually you find that a night of fun is followed by him screaming away and ends with a major argument.  A sure shot sign that he could be harboring feelings of jealousy.

11. Not happy when you talk about someone

You’ve noticed that every time you talk excitedly about someone, he is visibly unhappy and uncomfortable. It doesn’t matter what gender but you see that it is worse when the person you talk about is of the opposite sex. Now I get why he would get mad if you spoke about a certain someone ALL the time but if a simple, one off thing like describing how good a person is at what he does or what fun you had with him/her should not upset him. I know a lot of you like to employ the strategy of making your man jealous just for kicks or to revive your relationship but this would be a good time to say use it in moderation!

10. He’s possessive about you

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Does he want to know where you are and with who all the time? Does he call incessantly when you are out with your friends? Does he insist on knowing what time you will be done?  Agreed that a relationship comes with a certain amount of answerability  and I see no harm in informing him where you are going to be. But if too many questions follow, it may be a sign of jealousy.

9. He doesn’t like you having photographs of former friends

Do you know those books under your bed or an online profile on a social networking sites with photographs of ex boyfriends or past friends? Does he get upset when he sees them?  Has he mentioned getting rid of them? Does he bring it up during fights? If you answered yes, you probably have a jealous boyfriend  on your hands.

8. When others find you attractive, he gets upset

Instead of feeling proud or saying “thank you,” when others find you attractive, he gets upset and goes into a rage. This is jealousy getting the best of him. Shouldn’t he be happy when someone thinks you look good and not upset? That’s definitely a man I’d want to stay away from!

7. He envies other people’s lives

He is constantly talking about other people’s lives and how great they are doing. Is he always pointing out how certain couple friends of yours have so much money or the hottest new electric car or the perfect vacation? It’s okay to be a little jealous I suppose but if it goes to the point that it almost seems like he is obsessed with their lives,  it could be a tell-tale sign of jealousy. And while, it has nothing to do with you directly, you never know when and how it could manifest itself  in an ugly way.

6. He says mean things about your friends

So you’ve made an effort to hang out with his friends. Maybe even tried to get along with his mother! But when it comes to your friends, for no reason at all, he decides that he will say mean things about them. Even though your friends have never done anything wrong and are very nice, he still insists on saying bad things about them all the time.

5. Staring at you

Whenever you are in a crowded club or room and are away from each other, you see that he is constantly staring at you. It’s like he is keeping a check on you to see how you interact with other people and whether or not you are behaving yourself. It’s like a cat and mouse game that he’s playing and honestly it’s plain creepy. Jealous much? I think so!

4. Stalking

When the guy you are with starts stalking you to see where you are going, who you are hanging out with and who you are talking to, then this is an ultimate sign of jealousy. Not only that, he wants to know the passwords to your emails, wants to know who sent an sms and what it was about, wants to keep a tab on the calls you get,  he is definitely starting to become obsessive and you suddenly find yourself clueless on how to deal with his jealousy.

3. The guy acts strange around you

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Does he start to act strange around you? Have you noticed that he is not being his usual self? Maybe he’s becoming more aggressive. Maybe he’s being more insecure. Either way, if you notice that he is acting strange, it could be a sign of jealousy. Sure, it can also be a sign of cheating, but if it is mixed in along with some of these other signs, then take it as a sign of jealousy.

2. Mood swings

He may be perfectly fine but the minute you get a call from a co-worker, you see him go all quiet and weird. Or maybe he gets angry and maybe even physically abusive. A sudden and constant change of mood swings may indicate jealousy. Pay attention to see if it has been happening a lot lately.

1. Pretending that he does not care

When he sees you speaking with that other guy, he pretends that he does not care and it is obvious that he is pretending. He could be bottling up his feelings and trust me no one can bottle anything forever. If he acts weird for the rest of the day, maybe ignores you or creates a fight for no reason and uses this other guy as ammo against you, it is crystal clear that he is insecure and jealous.

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