Everyone made a big stink about Kanye West apologizing to Taylor Swift but the reality is he’s a rather contrite dude when he wants to be.

Not only did he apologize to Country singer Gretchen Wilson after calling her music “bullshit” backstage at the Grammys in 2004 (she beat him for best newcomer) he’s been known to extend a few olive branches on record as well.  While he offers no apology for  canceling G.O.O.D Friday this week Yeezy isn’t as big a douche bag as he’d want us to believe.

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“Flashing Lights”

“I know it’s been a while sweetheart/We hardly talk I was doing my thang /I know it was foul baby A bay, lately, you been all on my brain.

While this is more of protracted excuse than an out right apology the sentiment is there. But if he knew he’d end up in the trunk of a car getting shoveled to death minutes later we think he’d have poured it on a little thicker.

“Big Brother”

“I told Jay I did a song with Coldplay next thing I know he got a song with Coldplay/ Back in my mind I’m like “Damn, no way” Translate, espanol “No way, Jose” /Then I went and told Jay Brown Shoulda known THAT was gon’ come back around /Shoulda talked to you like a man, shoulda told you first/But I told somebody else and that’s what made shit worse”

In what some consider to be the most critical “tribute” song ever, Kanye calls out Jigga for being a biter not a writer. But his confession is wrapped in an apology for not going directly to Jay with his gripe.


“And this the first time she ever spilled her soul to me/ Bittersweet (I fucked up and I know it G) You’re gonna be the death of me (I guess it’s bittersweet poetry) I don’t want you, but I need you I love you, hate you at the very same time.”

Kanye pours his heart out to another nameless woman when we wish he’d just apologize for the entire 808’s and Heartbreak debacle.

“All Falls Down”

“I wanna act ballerific like it’s all terrific/I got a couple past due bills, I won’t get specific

I got a problem with spending before I get it/We all self conscious I’m just the first to admit it”

As close to an apology as you’ll get from West for his flamboyant ways. After detailing the aspirational miscues of college dropouts who chose to “stay on campus to do hair”, West points the finger at himself and pulls the trigger.

“Jesus Walks”

Well momma I know I act a fool/ But I’ll be gone ’til November I got packs to move…”

Like “All Falls Down,” the confessional nature of this entire song is a musical act of contrition but falls a little short of being “perfect” because Yeezy’s request for forgiveness is followed with the admission that he’ll sin again. But since he’s not Catholic we won’t hold the fine print against him.

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