Lil Wayne Sent To Punitive Segregation For Headphones, MP3 Charger

On Monday, rapper Lil Wayne was sent to solitary confinement for a month as punishment for possessing “music contraband” — headphones and a charger for an MP3 player — back in May.

The rapper, whose real name is Dwayne Carter Jr., will, with good behavior, likely finish out his sentence doing alone-time, spending 23 hours a day in his cell at Riker’s Island in New York, with no television and only one phone call a week instead of daily chats. He’ll get out to shower and exercise, but not to eat.

Lil Wayne’s contraband was found stashed in a potato chip bag in a trash can in his cell. A watch that was also an MP3 player was found in possession of another inmate in the same wing.

The rapper’s one-year jail sentence, which began March 8, was part of a 2009 deal in which he pleaded guilty to a 2007 weapons charge. With time off for good behavior, he is scheduled to be released on Nov. 4

(Story from and written by Christie D’Zurilla)

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