(sohh.com) Despite being criticized in the past for lack of lyricism, Waka said there was no doubt he would seek an opportunity to link with the lyrical emcee.
Waka Flocka Flame marked a career milestone today with the release of his debut album Flockaveli. But the Brick Squad emcee also has his sights set on achieving a surprise pairing with Queensbridge legend Nas. Several months ago, Waka Flocka cited Nas to AllHipHop.com as his choice for the best rapper of all time. With his name continuing to gain momentum via his well-received singles, Flocka is open to working with more artists outside his camp, as he did on his latest hit “No Hands.” When given a list of emcees, Flocka became visibly excited at the idea of working with Nas. “Excuse my language but h*ll yeah!” he exclaimed. (All Hip Hop)

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