You may think you’re tricky, or one of a kind, or that men have never met a woman like you before, but news flash: just as we put every guy we meet into some category, they do the same to us. Scroll through our list of stereotypes men put women into to figure out how he might just be looking at YOU!



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Men Do It Too! A List of Categories Men Put Women In [Gallery]  was originally published on


2. The Boss

The Boss

3. The Surrogate Mommy

The Surrogate Mommy

4. The Toy

The Toy

5. The Tease

The Tease

6. The Crazy Chick

The Crazy Chick

7. The Gold-Digger

The Gold-Digger

8. The Freak

The Freak

9. The Independent Woman

The Independent Woman

10. The Dime Piece

The Dime Piece

11. The Tomboy

The Tomboy

12. The Hood Chick

The Hood Chick

13. The Good Girl

The Good Girl

14. Wife Material

Wife Material