Rap Albums People Hated  was originally published on theurbandaily.com

1. Common “Universal Mind Control”

Common “Universal Mind Control”

2. Jay-Z “The Blueprint 2″

Jay-Z “The Blueprint 2″

3. LL Cool J “14 Shots To The Dome”

LL Cool J “14 Shots To The Dome”

4. Foxy Brown “Chyna Doll”

Foxy Brown “Chyna Doll”

5. Jadakiss “Kiss Of Death”

Jadakiss “Kiss Of Death”

6. Method Man “Tical 2001″

Method Man “Tical 2001″

7. Mystikal “Tarantula”

Mystikal “Tarantula”

8. 50 Cent “The Massacre”

50 Cent “The Massacre”

9. Dr. Dre “Presents The Aftermath”

Dr. Dre “Presents The Aftermath”

10. Soulja Boy Tell Em

Soulja Boy Tell Em

11. Chingy “Powerballin”

Chingy “Powerballin”

12. Nas “Nastradamus”

Nas “Nastradamus”

13. Jay-Z & R. Kelly “Unfinished Business”

Jay-Z & R. Kelly “Unfinished Business”

14. The Roots: “Phrenology”

The Roots: “Phrenology”