Toddler Caught In Crossfire Of Shooting In Chicago

Source: Scott Olson / Getty

Meet the dumbest man alive…. (in my opinion, of course).

A Minneapolis-St. Paul University security guard faces charges after he accidentally shot himself and blamed it on a black assailant so he wouldn’t lose his job.

Brent Patrick Ahlers called 911 on Tuesday night claiming he was shot by a black man with a “short afro” wearing black jeans and a navy blue sweatshirt, reports the Star Tribune.

The call to police prompted a lock-down of St. Catherine University, where Ahlers was employed. A manhunt for the “suspect” involving 55 police officers, a state aircraft, and four police dogs began and police conducted a building-by-building search and told people to stay inside while they looked for the suspect.

This was the message sent out via twitter from the St Paul Police.

On Wednesday, Ahlers admitted to investigators that the wound was self-inflicted.

He said he was in a wooded area of the campus Tuesday night, and while handling a personal handgun he had brought from home he accidentally shot himself in the shoulder. Ahlers told police that he lied because he was afraid of losing his job for bringing a gun to work.

Ahlers was charged with filing a false police report, a misdemeanor.

A statement from St. Catherine President ReBecca Roloff said Ahlers was initially put on paid leave while police conducted an investigation. As of Thursday, Ahlers was “no longer an employee of the University.”

“The statements attributed to the former employee concerning the race of an alleged suspect are deeply troubling and do not reflect our values,” the university’s statement read.

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