Azealia Banks

Rapper Azealia Banks believes that Beyoncé's venture into house music with "BREAK MY SOUL" is a ripoff of her own musical legacy.


In time of coronavirus, it has been difficult for all of us. Mentally, it has taken a toll in different ways. For some dealing with unemployment and others not being about to leave their homes. While we may think that celebrities have it easy, they too are affected. Recently, Azealia Banks’ made some social media […]

2016 was a bizarre, action-packed year. We lost a lot of great influential people, heard some new, great music from the top artists, and simultaneously witnessed the strangest presidential election in America’s history. But it doesn’t end there. In fact, so much happened that it’s easy to get lost in tracing it all back. Sign […]

Check out these celebs who've begged for forgiveness in 2016.

Check out these celebs who've begged for forgiveness in 2016.

Azealia Banks showed another side of herself on Friday while sharing her story about the altercation she had with Russell Crowe earlier this month.

Azealia Banks is spilling all the tea about her drama with Russell Crowe. After news broke that the rapper and the actor got into an altercation over the weekend, AB decided to share her version of what really went down during Crowe’s hotel party. Azealia exclusively revealed to The Sun that the Academy Award winner smoked […]

Rapper Azealia Banks is quitting social media “for good,” according to a post the 25-year-old put on Facebook this past Monday. Banks, well-known for her ongoing online beefs with T.I., Iggy Azalea, and Skai Jackson, sent the Internet over the edge after tweeting homophobic and racist slurs in reference to former One Direction singer Zayn Malik—at which […]

The singer came under fire after a photo of her made its rounds on social media and fans took notice of her lighter complexion.

Azealia Banks has a reputation for not being one of the nicest people on Twitter.