Bow Wow


One of the BIGGEST tours of 2019 is back for Round 2! The Millennium Tour 2020 is back, and it could be better. With Omarion and Bow wow headlining the show. Along with Lloyd, Sammie, Pretty Ricky, Yang Yang Twins, and Soulja Boy. There is one question many of us have… Where is B2K? It […]


Omarion shares that he will be headlining this year’s Millennium Tour along side Bow wow… and NO B2K in sight. I wonder whyyyy. Here are a few reactions to the news.

  Bow Wow and his daughter continue to bless us with adorable videos, and the one above is no exception… but this time, Shad gets kicked out Martin style! haha! It’s time for a TV show.  We know it would be everything! God Bless daddies and parents in general who have fun with their kids! […]

Bow Wow is back to claiming his blackness — and bragging about his fineness. Just months after trolling the Internet by publicly denouncing his blackness on social media, the rapper is now back to claiming his heritage. In an Instagram video, Bow went into detail about how much fun he had at a party in Dallas and […]

Bow Wow just gave the 2017 demonstration of “when keeping it real goes wrong.” If you haven’t heard, earlier today Trump indulged in his favorite past time by using his Twitter fingers to bash Snoop Dogg by saying he has a “failing career” after the rapper was featured in a new music video where he […]

What’s the THOT-iest profession, flyest trend in the 2000’s & who’s the prettiest celebrity ex according to Bow Wow? This weekend, our Online Editor Bobby Pen, hit the red carpets during Super Bowl 51. While in Houston, she attended the Maxim Magazine 2017 Party where everybody who is anybody was in attendance for the star-studded, […]

The rapper, who's been catching L's all year for his social media antics, is back at it again with another rant.

We are taking a look at all of the father’s out there who need someone to “put a ring on it.”

  There is nothing radical about refusing to vote. It doesn’t make you a renegade, a rebel or a rabble-rouser. And, if you’re a celebrity sharing your misguided views with millions of young followers — many of whom are eligible to vote for the first time — you’re a disgrace. If you didn’t already think […]