Hillary Clinton

According to media reports, the number of Black voters heading to the ballot box for early voting in the battleground state of Florida has declined.

Clinton's campaign took a few notes from President Barack Obama's election playbook when Jay Z and Bruce Springsteen performed on behalf of Obama at a November 2012 concert in Columbus.

Obama plans on implementing regulations that would lower the amount of child support that prisoners pay when they’re behind bars, hopefully reducing a major driver of mass incarceration.

Last week a tape of Presidential nominee Donald Trump saying he “grabs women by the p***y” was revealed to the public. Trump would later claim that it was just “locker room talk.” Over the past few days, athletes have been coming out of the woodwork saying that, in fact, is not what men talk about […]

The latest viral phenomenon is Ken Bone, who went from 7 followers to over 15,000 after asking a question during last night's presidential debate.

Roland Martin offered a little advice for millennial voters who are unenthusiastic about this year's presidential election.

Pusha T used to push weight back in the day, but now he's pushing presidential candidates.