Cardi B went ham when she found out that Swift had a girlfriend, Juju and Cam'ron enter the series, and more.

Reality Star Kimbella is on the radar for posting a picture of her and her daughter wearing silver matching swimsuits. Fans are going crazy because the picture looks very inappropriate for someone so young. What are your thoughts? SOURCE:

Special delivery for the Santana-Vanderhee household! Juelz Santana and his on again/off again girlfriend Kimbella  welcomed a baby girl on Saturday.  The proud papa tweeted…

Love & Hip Hop stars Kimbella and her sometimes, we-can’t-quite-figure-it-out “boyfriend” Juelz Santana (is he fine or WHAT!?) welcomed a baby girl yesterday to add to their bunch!! The proud papa tweeted this pic and this message Congratulations to them!! Now when are Chrissy and Jim Jones going to get married and have some crazy babies!!?!!? […]

Chrissy Lampkin, Kimbella, Emily B, Olivia and Somaya Reece won’t be on this coming season of “Love & Hip Hop.” Your screen will be filled…

Looks like Erica Mena may have been onto something! Rumor has it that Juelz Santana was spotted with a model/bartender at an event over the weekend in the VIP kissing and flirting all night, and even went to the extreme of having cameras removed from the section. The jumpoff who goes by the name Miss […]

On the next episode of “Love & Hip Hop,” instead of using that faithful ole’ drinking glass to throw, Kimbella improvises and uses the chewed gum in her mouth! It so happens to be arch enemy– Erica Mena, again on the receiving end. Maybe a Doublemint commercial endorsement in the future for Kimbella? The friendship […]

After a tumultuous trip to Miami which resulted in Yandy almost getting a customized Chrissy beating, the ladies have reached a point where they aren’t sure who will remain friends. In this week’s sneak peek, Chrissy challenges Olivia to basically choose sides because she can’t have a flip-flopping friend. Erica Mena and Kimbella come to […]

Jim Jones may have finally proposed to Chrissy, but that doesn’t mean his Dipset partner Juelz Santana is any closer to asking his baby mama Kimbella to marry him. The “Love & Hip-Hop” star spoke to Cherry On Top about her thoughts on marriage & cheating: Watch Jim Jones Finally Propose To Chrissy! [VIDEO] On […]

The Kimbella/Erica Mena debacle is getting bigger and bigger by the minute. While Erica claims that the fight VH1 aired between her and Kim has caused her career to plummet, Kimbella claims Erica is a “crack whore.” The reality TV baby momma recently spoke with TheYBF where she told them her side of the physical […]

If you are anything like me, you are in LOVE with Vh1’s Love & Hip Hop! The fights are the juiciest I’ve ever seen on any reality show! Well after this past weeks fight with Erica (who is she again?) and Kimbella and Jim Jones and Chrissy relationship issues I had to take a sneak […]